Nice view apartment for sale at Vinhomes Cetral Park area of 79 sqm 2 Bedrooms

Apartment for sale in Vinhomes central Park, high floor Park 4, 🏗️ area of 79.9m2, 2 bedrooms 🛌, a living room, kitchen.


Vinhomes Tan Cang has a “paradise, land” factor that any investor desires because of its prime location in the middle of the city center, where the interference between rivers and cities creates the advantage. extremely convenient on road transport as well as waterway, railway.

💵 Selling price: 4.4 billion VND ~ 193,600 USD

Facilities available at Vinhomes Central Park:
– Vinschool Central Park 🏝️
– General Hospital of Vinmec Central Park 🚑
– Luxury marina
– Outdoor children playground 🌇
– Business center: Indoor ice rink, Vinpearland Game, Modern cinema.
– Green Park 🏝️
– Intelligent car alarm (magnetic card + electronic board showing the number of empty cells for the car to park to lose time)
– Separate area (except shophouse)


Please contact to me:


☎️ Hotline: 0919462121



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